Monday, July 24, 2023

MOOD's joint art exhibtion (CCAF, 2022) in pictures

 Submissions of paintings for display to representatives of Organising Committee

Note: More stories and pictures of the joint art exhibition can be accessed in another blog by folllowing this link...>>>

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Jawatankuasa Tindakan Tuntutan Tanah EX-SGOS meets the Premier

 On the 10th of April,2023 I joined a delegation from Bintulu to pay a courtesy call to the Premier at his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Petra Jaya.  The purpose of the meeting was to brief the Premier on the many problems faced the people of Jepak regarding ownership of their customary land at Jepak.  This is the first time that our Jawatankuasa Tindakan Tuntutan Tanah EX-SGOS.  This committee is composed of the follwing:

1)  Temenggong Haji Rosli Bin Kamarudin - Chairman

2)  Pemanca Hj. Awg Merais Hj. Awang Ismail - Member

3)  Datuk Haji Abdul Kadier Sahib - Member

4)  Datuk Hj. Haidar Khan Bin Asghar Khan - Member

5) Mahmud Yussop - Member

6)  Hj. Othman Bin Mat - Member/ Secretary

The advisor to the committee is YB Datuk Haji Talip Zulpilip.

The above meeting is the climax of many previous meetings with various parties in Bintulu on the land issues at Jepak.  This is the first time the resolutions and declaration by the interested groups reached the Premier's table in Kuching.  The meeting took about an hour and many matters were raised directly to the attention of the Premier. There was a WOW factor felt  as we leave his office mainly due to his committment to solve the issues raised with the Land and Survey Department and many other positive vibes gathered during the discussion.  The Premier is sympathetic with the plight and predicament of the people of Jepak specifically and  masyarakat Vaie generally.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Pinnacle of passions

Away in Kuching on this March Escapade’23, I have a good overall view of what  I have done in Bintulu on the Kambatik Park.   Sometimes we need moments of detachment to figure out all what has been done at the nature park and evaluate it for better understanding and focus, and then what’s next?

As a project that has taken more than ten years of development, I can say that it is the culmination of many strengths.  Firstly, the project has to be sustainable before any further commitment can be poured into its further investment in terms of time, efforts, funds and future planning.  To this end I can safely say that this has been achieved as I have managed to stay on with the project and passionate about it despite having to juggle time, money and efforts on daily basis to care for the place till presently.

One thing that I have done in Kuching on this trip is to create a new blog called “Kambatik Ecopreneurship”.  With some major success being achieved, I can now look back at many aspects of its development.  These include philosophy, vision, planning, economic viability, marketing and aesthetics.  This latest blog will document in pictures and writing the story behind the nature park that can act as a ready source for future reference.

My strengths in photography, writing, planning, dedication towards work, passion for plants, art and life-long learning have contributed tremendously to realise this dream project.  The Kambatik Park is my pinnacle of passions. 

Journal: 17 March,2023.